With Realia users are able to manage their own listings without accessing admin dashboard. They can manage their profile, password and payment backlog too. By using Realia you can start charging your users and earn money. We prepared for you theme with strong monetization focus. Pay per post and packages are industry standard but you can use our new “extras” earning tools (including pay per featured or pay for TOP) to increase your monthly wage. Combination of monetization and our statistics makes Realia a powerful theme.

Theme is quite scalable and you can use it for large real estate portals or small agencies in just few clicks. Do you need custom change in your website? Not a problem at all. Everything is hooked into WordPress actions and can be easily removed or added. If you have a problem check our extended documentation or video channel. At the end there is an always our dedicated support staff to help you.



  1. Front end submission system
  2. Pay per post
  3. Package system
  4. Review before submission
  5. Pay for featured or sticky property
  6. Google map support
  7. Received transactions
  8. Advanced price formatting
  9. Agent contact form on property detail
  10. Custom measurement
  11. Plays nicely with Twenty Fifteen
  12. Easy for developers
  13. All settings are in customizer
  14. OOP architecture
  15. row/grid version of property archive
  16. reCAPTCHA support for enquire form
  17. Terms and conditions link from registration form